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Demystifying the COVID19 vaccine rollout

Casey M. Breslin, PhD is on a quest to ensure that the COVID vaccine enters as many arms as possible as quickly and as possible. Combining a PhD in education, with nearly a decade working in Colleges of Public Health, Casey provides individual and group lessons demystifying the American COVID19 vaccine rollout thus far.

Casey is not paid by pharmaceutical companies to provide this service and she does not make any claims about the vaccine effectiveness. She will not administer vaccines and using her services does not guarantee access to the vaccine. 



Casey M. Breslin, PhD is a technologically savvy, passionate health and science educator. Casey is committed to creating accessible, innovative instructional programming. She has experience in designing, implementing, and evaluating educational technology tools and is putting her passion to work for the COVID vaccine rollout.

Casey has taught thousands of students through a variety of formats including large lecture classes, small seminars, fully online asynchronous classes, and community based learning courses.

"We are experiencing a mass public health crisis and we must each do our part in order to expedite the recovery"

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